Should I ask him out, knowing we go to different colleges this fall and will break up?

I think a guy friend who I have a crush on likes me back. However, he's really shy and I know for a fact I will need to ask him out if I want anything to happen. We both just graduated from him school and are heading to colleges far away from each other in the fall (I'm not willing to go long distance as a freshman in college). I'm also going abroad for three weeks in a month. I'm nervous because he is really sensitive and I get emotionally attached easily so breaking up might be really hard for both of us. Is it worth it for a few months or not? I really like him but I don't want to cause heartache.

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  • I planned on doing the same thing with another guy but then he got a girlfriend so I had to step back and abort my plan LOL
    Anyway I would say go for it. Just try not to get too serious. All you gotta do is enjoy his company for the time you two still have together then break it off if you want to before you start college. Try talking to him about it too and see if he's willing to date casually on doing you two don't end up together in the long run. Its better to have experienced it than to never given it a try.

  • No. Its pointless. Just a waste of time for something thats not going to last very long and that will also come with consequences