I mistakenly ignored my crush? What should I do?

I have a REALLY big crush on this girl I work with. We both work at an amusement park, but in different areas. I saw her for the first time yesterday. She randomly said "where do you work at?". She then said "Oh, I haven't seen you around here much". She seems shy. When she left I said goodbye but she said goodbye quietly. I was working in a store in the park today and she came in. She was in regular clothes so I didn't recognize her. I was stocking a shelf when I looked and I looked at her right in the face, but I didn't know it was her so I looked away quickly. Right as I looked away I heard someone say hi. By time I thought about what she said I looked back, but she was headed out. I feel really bad because I think she came in there to see me since yesterday I told her I work there. Did I blow it? I'm really mad because I think she thinks I ignored her. What should I do when I see her again. I think I'm gonna apologize to her. I'm really upset because no girl has ever showed such obvious signs that she might me interested. Please help. I am 16 and I think she is too. Thanks


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  • I don't think you blew it, like you said just apologize and explain yourself next time you see her :) next time you should ask where she works too and go visit her as well.

    • thanks for MH, I hope you've figured out a way to talk to her again!

    • I told her what what happened and we're pretty much friends now 😊 Thanks again.

    • Oh that's great, I'm glad it worked out!

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  • As I see, for the next time she see you don't hide your self. Say hi to her and show a little smile on your face. She's may be interested and don't forget to be nice to her. This rare to see this kind of sign that she show up to you.


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