Girls, Why would she just not talk to me?

There is this girl in my class that I have talked to twice in the past, both times she started the conversation in the hallways. We hit it off pretty well both times, but then I stopped going to class for a couple of months (attendance is optional) until the last month in which I started going again. I saw her everyday a lot since she sat near me, but neither of us said anything because the opportunity never arose. We both looked at each other a lot though. A few weeks later I saw her at a party and went over to talk to her, but she just couldn't talk to me or look at me, and instead her friend started talking to me.. I don't get it since we talked fine in the hallways a couple months ago.. Does she not like me or something? I think she's really cute so I'm kind of sad now that she went all quiet on me.


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  • It seems like she has moved on from what ever potential you might have had. She might feel hurt that you didn't make time to come to class and see her.


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