I told him I was happy for him, then he replies with "lol"?

Please answer!!! You might know what this means, I need someone's perspective on this!

This guy long distance I dated back months ago, we broke up after a month, then we've been on and off, we fought then were friends again then we had a thing going on the that suddenly that stopped (him) weeks later he became distant, then he still sent pictures of him to me and I sent to him and he's always complemented me. Last time I did yesterday... He didn't... I was concern.

Then tonight I saw his profile picture, it was him grabbing on a girls ass, she was in her undies and it looked like they played on the floor. ... I didn't see her face. It was a white girl, but he told me he was attracts to black girls and not white. I felt hurt. I really cared about him.
I told him I wish he would of told me, and that it must of been why he was so distant.
I told I was happy for him he found someone special.
He replies with "lol"

What does this look like to you. He was just showing me pictures of his family the other day, and I thought that meant he wanted to see pics of me, so I sent him a selfie, that's when he avoided talking about it.

Please what does this look like? I'm feeling pretty hurt.. I don't know what to do. I'm not going to talk to him anymore. It hurts too bad.

No hate comments please.


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  • He doesn't like you. Move on.


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  • He's pretty much saying he doesn't care and isn't interested in you or your feelings. It seems like it has been over for quite some time now. You should definitely not talk to him anymore. Come on, you deserve so much better!!!

  • I believe tha there, dear, he "Laughed" because she really isn't Anyone Serious Nor... Special. She probably is just this Fun girl.
    You deserve better, it's quite obvious to me. LDR are one of the Hardest to Have and Uphold of any, believe me. And if Only one is making the effort in this relationship and the other is acting "Slap happy" and not putting anything into it, It can Grow and Go real quick into the murky waters.
    It appears he has moved on so don't let this Dud of Dude get the Last... Laugh.
    Good luck. x

    • Thank you so much. :) but what did you mean by LDR?

    • Oh never mind u meant long distance relationship

    • Oh, so welcome.. LDR is "Long Distance Relationship."xx

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