Difference between dating in America and dating in Paris?

What are the major differencesin terms of dating that I will experience in Paris. How would the men be described and how do I know of I can trust a man or not after meeting him? I know the culture of America is very different and that men sometimes believe being friendly is flirting. How do I know if a guy likes me and where is a good safe place to go on a date at?


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  • what do you want to know exactly? i am parisian, maybe i can give you some insight on your dilemma

    • oh and i lived 6 years in New York

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    • Is a fling considered dating or is it more of a sexual relationship? Will any man in France make it known that they like me and wish to go out with me? Or will I be unsure? Also where is the best place to meet a guy 19-24 in Paris?

    • A fling isn't dating since it is on a short term, so YOU have to decide what you want with the guy.
      Once again for the "make it known that they like me and wish to go out with me" depends on the guy not the Nationality
      Best place to meet 19-24 guys would be the 3rd and 4th Arrondissement (the gay and student's neighborhood)

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  • Guys here are like guy everywhere else. They're pretty straightforward usually. If one of them likes you, you'll know. They're human beings lmao. They'll most likely take you out for a coffee date