If someone in his/her 20's has INVOLUNTARILY never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, would you consider this a "Red Flag"?

Like if someone had struggled to get into a relationship, but had been rejected every time, and they were an adult in their 20's, would this be a turn-off? A "red flag", if you will? I'm not talking about people who are single by choice.


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  • I have a friend who's 19 and never had a boyfriend. she's beutiful and attractive, funny and smart and beyond everything - an amzing person.

    so no, sometimes people just don't have luck with love. doesn't mean something has to be wrong with them

    • What if your friend was 29 years old?

    • I don't know I won't disqualify immediately, maybe they're shy or something, i don't know. but it's kind of a red flag, yeah

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  • I think I'd give them a chance, but it all depends. I mean, u have instances where some people just didn't meet the right person at the right time yet. And I look at it as this; if I got to know a guy and genuinely like him, should it be a turnoff that some other girl rejected him? BUT on the other hand u have some people who were repeatedly rejected for a very reasonable and unbearable trait (s).

    • Right, so you see both sides.

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  • Yes. It gives a redflag you are defective on some level and to stay away from you.

    • But why?

    • Because in people mind if no one wanted you then something on some level must be wrong with you.