Girls, Have you ever wanted to go back or even straight up ask out a guy you rejected previously?

  • I went back or wanted to
    78% (7)
  • No, screw him
    22% (2)
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  • LOL this actually happened to me with a guy I was friends with since the 2nd grade. During the end of 8th grade he developed a crush on me but back then I didn't like anyone so I just rejected him and asked to remain friends. We lost contact after that since we both went off to different middle schools then during the 12th grade I ran into him again by chance. While catching up I realized I liked him more than a friend this time so I asked him out. He said yes at first but then he started dating a girl he was interested in before we re-entered eachother's lives so I stepped back and moved on. Then I got rejected by another guy LMAO which leads us to my current singledom haha.

    • LOL thats a mouthfull

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    • LOOL, honestly, you're not worse then me, and I had to choose someone, and you were still the best out of the lot lol so your not too bad

    • Haha thanks for trying to make me feel better then XD
      I think I will always feel like a really bad flirt though but its all good that's just me

What Girls Said 3

  • i did go back once but we didn't last doe 🙄

  • No i rejected him for reason... why would I go back and ask him out?

    • Well I dunno, Im not a girl lol.

      but maybe the reason changed? or your opinion changed after some time?

    • Maybe but I know myself and it's still no. A guy asked me out in middle school I said no he asked me again while in college and the answer was still no.

  • I use to feel this way about a guy I rejected. I rejected him because when we started "talking" I wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone (it had NOTHING to do with that guy though)

    Anyways when I became ready to date, we lost touch by then and he has a girlfriend. I don't regret it anymore though. Everything happens for a reason and what is to be will be.