When a guy hates his ex, does that mean he still likes her?

My boyfriend hates his ex girlfriend. He doesn't like talking about her, he never even mentions her name. He said he never loved her, he doesn't like her, he hates her. And he hated it. He told me that he doesn't want to talk about it and not to bring it up. Does this mean he possibly still has feelings for her?


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  • This completely depends on the time it happened. Happened to me but it all depends.

    If the breakup was rescent, as in 1-3 months ago, only time will tell, and he may possibly like her still but just too hurt or proud to realise he still likes her.

    If it happened a while ago then I guess he's hurt and just really hates her.

    I didn't hate any girls I was linked with before, whether rejection or ex. But I did feel angry for a brief period before liking them or going normal again, but I am calm towards girls.

    • They broke up 3 years ago

    • Dont hold me against it if not, but Im 99% sure he hates her, if he

    • Also, Lovelinefan mentioned below and I think he's right on this tbh. I have felt angry towards a girl (never said or done anything wrong though) but this has died down and I dont have anything against the girls or will say anything bad about them.

      Unless she has cheated or embarresed him really badly then I would be a bit cautious on this tbh. One day he might do the same to you with a simple breakup, or not, just saying watch out. Coz I dont hate girls even when they have unnecessarily fucking brutally rejected me after flirting with me badly.

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  • It appears he is just Hurt perhaps here, dear, and although he tells you that 'He doesn't want to talk about it and not to bring it up,' doesn't mean he doesn't still Care about her. He has a Sour ball right now.
    Of course I also See this Street is going another way. He is almost like "Crying on your shoulder" by Appearing to feel comfy enough still with you to just Know you are there for him. Maybe with your own His and Her History, he never has lost his own feelings for you as well.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Well... It might be an indication of how he'll talk about you one day!
    Not guaranteed, but an uncanny percentage of the time the way a persons past relationships have ended are good indicators of how their future relationships will end...


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  • No? Why can't you just take his word for it. Yea he might still have feelings, NEGATIVE feelings by the sound of it.

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