Guys! If I see someone I like at work how I tell him I like him? Just smile? Or something else?


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  • you just tell him and smile, hugs go a long way too, nothing can be more beautiful in a guys life than a sweet beautiful girl approaching and showing her deepest love and desires for us.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should be more direct and ask him on a date. It is what you expect him to do, yes? So why not just ask him? If he says no he says no and that should be the end of it. He will feel flattered you asked him and you leave knowing you made his day.

    If he says yes, then great!

    I feel bad for guys in this regard. I think it is on us to put ourselves in their position and try to do what we often expect them to do. At the very least, we will appreciate what they have to go through.

    If you do not/can not do what I said, then just ask him flirtingly, is he going to ask you out or not. You can always play it off as if you were kidding. I personally prefer the direct approach and think many men would.

    Good luck to ya'.