Does he want me back?

We dated for 6 months. He came back into my life a week ago, we were in a long distance relationship and he disappeared and told me everything and what he's going through. I thought he blocked me on whatsapp, but one day I noticed his name was there, and then last week I got this message.

We have a 8 hour time difference and i'm getting messages at 3 4 am my time. We've been messaging for a week. One of the first things he asked me was what my dad thought about him. He told me he wishes he could reverse the clocks and asked me if I think its karma. He doesn't have any family and really needs someone there for him, but I feel there's a reason he asked about what my dad thinks about him and I don't know why. There has been no phone communication so its all text and he's telling me about all his plans to get better, how many months its gonna take, what he's gonna do, what day he's going to go to the doctor.

What do you guys think?


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  • Its seems like he needs someone to be there for him during this time of getting better, Just like you said. And apparently he chose you. Which is great. I think the only way to know for sure if he wants to get back together is if you ask him. Because sometimes people can reach out when they feel vulnerable or when they need closure, but it doesn't always necessarily mean they want to get back together. I hope things go over well for you two :)

    • thanks for your opinion, I'm also not doing well myself, but its like why would he care what my dad thinks right?

  • No! Next thing you know he going to disappear again!