What does it mean when a guy pretends to act like you annoy him?

me and my best friend go to the same bowling alley every Friday. There's this cute guy there only thing we know about him is his name.

anyway he's hot and seems nice. If I go to ask him for change for soda machine, or whatever he "Pretends" or so I think pretends to be annoyed shakes his head and smiles alittle then does whatever I needed. So now it's a joke even if I walk by to go to bathroom he looks at me and says "oh no what do you want" with smile and I'll laugh and say nothing

pretty positive he knows I might be into him.

again I don't know much about him

decode his behavior please?


I feel like he makes an effort to make me laugh and look in my eyes. Like tonight he said something I laughed and he looked at me like in my eyes to see if I was laughing too


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  • Lol, I think he likes you :)

  • How many times are you going to ask this?

    He likes you...

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