Was he Intimidate by me or did he genuinely not like me? Need a guys perspective?

Was he Intimidate by me or did he genuinely not like me? Need a guys perspective?

I'm in a new city and joined tinder to meet people. I met a guy whom I really liked and after about 5 days of texting we decided to meet up.
I meet him and he's an ass practically straight away. He looks kind of cold and mean and is like "you look nothing like your pictures". Now I don't know what this idiot is on about because my pictures are DEFINITLEY me, they just show the best of me... I'm a model so I know how to work my angles, but you can stll tell it's me. One thing is that he may have been expecting someone skinny, I'm not skinny but I'm healthy & slim.
Anyway i'm like let's go do something and he's like I don't see this going anywhere. He wasn't making much eye contact but he was being EXTREMLEY cold from the get go like he didn't even be a little nice.
Now what I don't understand is his attitude, like of course people are going to look a little different in motion & and also I had a different hair style + makeup than my images so he should have taken that into account. I was pretty much a bit taller than him so I think he may have been a little intimidated by that 2. I was dressed super nice for him & had nice clothes, guys were staring at me (I mean that in the least possible vain way, i'm just trying to give you an idea), I consider myself very attractive & unique and I do look like my images. I don't understand why the f*ck he just straight out blatantly rejected me without even giving me a chance? We exchanged words for a few minutes, him being a cold bastard like thinking he was better than me when really he should have been thanking me for meeting him because he wasn't the most attractive man out. He then walks off like a complete a**hole. Anyway, I just can't wrap my head around how cold he was and rude, I know for a fact I looked nice, and yes I may have looked a little different to my images but that's only because I had a completely different look that day. I have had a look at his track record too and he doesn't seem to the highest standards.

Also, we both were just intending to hook up and have fun so I don't know why he just rejected me if it was going to just be a hook up.


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  • After reading through what you just wrote, I'm not surprised.

    ''he should have been thanking me for meeting him because he wasn't the most attractive man out. ''

    Have you any idea how unattractive that comment was? A woman could look like a high class model with the perfect figure but a comment like that... and a way of thinking like that would diminish all of the physical attraction.

    It's possible that the guy you met was just playing the bad boy card but going from what you just wrote, I wouldn't even spend 5 minutes with you so maybe the guy picked up on a similar vibe.

    Tip: attraction is not just skin deep.

    • You do not know me from a bar of soap. YES I agree that comment I said was a bit vain but I DO NOT & I repeat I DO NOT act like that, nor am I like that. I'm very kind, civil and a nice person that shows it. That comment I made was out of anger from what he had done to me. You didn't have to base your whole opinion on what I said because what he done was FAR worse than my little comment and it came after the fact.

    • I was nothing but super nice, outgoing & kind with him he was a complete ass wipe first.

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  • I don't know, some guys are weird. Similar thing happened to me and it left me really confused. We also both agreed on just a hook-up (for start) and the first date went great. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and all sorts of nice things, just so he would reject me few days later, without a legit reason honestly.

    I guess no matter how you look like, some guys are not gonna find you attractive. The beauty is in the eyes of a beholder.