How to catch out cheating boyfriend?

I have a strong sneaky suspicion my boyfriend of 1.5 years cheated on me 4 weeks ago, and last weekend in the same place. He told me he spoke to this girl, but got extremely defensive if I asked who she was, where she was from, etc.

I know I shouldn't be with him - no need to tell me that, i'm asking for help on how to catch him out? He's quite protective with his phone (and I think he'd save her under a different name).

Any tips guys? Unless I just run off with his phone and look through it but then its pretty obvious!!!

For anyone telling me I should move on, I know I should. "no trust = no relationship" I agree completely. I just can't seem to move on from this one and I don't know why, never had this trouble in my life.


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  • Last option. When he leaves his phone a bit away but its still close to him. Snatch it and run to the toilet and lock it. If he chases after you, you have the answer. After thay you can call him out on it wether you found evidence or not. Ypu basically already won

    • Thing is, last time I looked on his phone a couple of years, I found something.. threw the phone and smashed it! So he's jumpy whenever i touch it now, for which ever reason i'm not so sure of though!

    • Hmm.. Okay. Maybe ask for his phone and see his reaction?

    • thnkx for mho

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  • You should notice if he gets defensive or angry at you easily and more often. If he seems to be picking a lot of fights, get angry at you for something small he would usually not be upset about, or gets defensive when you ask him about his night out with the boys, these may be signs of cheating.

    Changes in his normal behavior that involve anger towards you could in fact be a reflection of his guilt for cheating or fear that you may find out about his affair.

    And also Does he leave, get some space, and then return to apologize? Or does he neglect to apologize or show remorse for hurtful words he said to you? If he is usually good at forgiving and forgetting after a fight and this is not happening anymore, this may be a red flag.

    It’s important to remember that your boyfriend’s inner turmoil has nothing to do with you and is a reflection of his own anxieties and fears.

    Try not to take his anger towards you personal or put pressure on yourself to try to make him forgive you or feel better, as this could also mean he is actually feeling guilty about an affair.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • Ngl sounds like you don't actually have much evidence...
    But whether he did or not, if you trust him that little then just break up with him. Why do you need to catch him out?
    Fuck all that drama make it easier for both of you and don't go looking for and excuse to feel morally superior or whatever

    • I know, I have no evidence.. just a gut feeling form the thing he's said. I don't want to lose him thats why, its pathetic i know!

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  • I wouldn't even try to catch a guy out if I thought he was cheating. Suspicion is enough to know I don't trust him anymore. So I'd end the relationship based on my lack of trust in him. I couldn't be with a guy who I couldn't trust

  • i feel like you should go with your gut feeling and talk to him about it but i also feel like you should lay low with that and see if anything else suspicious happens, your lacking with the evidence and that trust part towards him is lacking too but just dont jump to conclusion yet till you give it time and can at least 90% know he's cheating

  • I think if you can't trust him then just end things. You don't need proof, a trustless relationship is pretty dead.

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