Guys , do you move on easily?

Let's say , i like a guy. Some of my friends think he likes me too. We have known each other from March.
He had a huge crush on a girl , He even proposed her on 14th Feb ( asked her to become his GF) , she rejected him.
We have good chemistry but i don't think he likes me. May be he likes me as a friend.
How can he move on this quickly? i don't think he can.
Because he genuinely liked her.
I don't think there is anything between those two.
i don't want to rush things and ruin our friendship.
Any advice will help?

He had crush on her for more than 1 year i think


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  • it depends how long we dated. but after i tell myself its over and is a learning experience (or a Waste of time) i move on pretty fast. my ex girlfriend was still crying over me then i stated dating again and asked me how can i move on so fast. note she's the one who cheated on me



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  • What are you talking about? Did you expect him to cry for a year? Would that be long enough for You?

    • i am just asking?
      He was very serious about her.
      He had crush on her for more than 2 years

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  • For a crush, I move on very easily.

    • He was serious about her.
      So i won't say it's a crush.

    • I think he's a special case. It doesn't look like his interest was reciprocated, but he still kind of dove right into it. I don't think I've ever done that, so can't comment.

  • Sometimes

  • Yeah, guys tend to move on quickly. I do. After rejection, or a breakup, i'm on to someone else.

    • can you say same for a guy with crush on a girl for more than a year?
      may be he has moved on.
      but he may not be ready for a relationship after rejection?

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