I think I'm into my roomate?

So I moved into this place with this girl and a few other people a month or so ago. I figured it would be fine, because I'm pretty picky with girls, and it wasn't likely I'd be into any of my roommates. Plus I just left a very long term relationship, so I wasn't wanting anything at all. But I am getting a crush on one of them now. She's not the typical girl I'm into; she has tattoos and kinda seems like she'd be into big brawny biker dudes; I'm good looking, but more Abercrombie good looking, not sure if I'm her type either. I don't know if I should pursue or initiate anything though, because I don't want to creep her or the other roommates out if she's not into it. Any advice?


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  • Get close to her, ask her to go to lunch with you sometimes, give her hints. That way you will also see if she likes you back or sees you more as a freind / just a roomate.


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  • >"it wasn't likely I'd be into any of my roommates"

    Yeah, but they were girls (or at least she was). So why would you think that?

    • Like I said, I'm picky, and just got out of a long term (like 6 year) relationship. It's not that I didn't think I'd find any of them cute; I just didn't think I was in a place to develop a crush, which I rarely get regardless.

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