Most awkward moment in front of crush?

What was the biggest time you screwed up in front of your crush?
It happens to the best of us.


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  • Oh I have more than one. Well this one I haven't told in a while. Uhm well my crush always had some weird I don't know what to call it. But when we would hang out at lunch he would always try and feed me off his spoon and his lunch for whatever reason lol. So once he did the same thing and I just turned my head away and left my mouth closes so he wouldn't. I turned my head to look at something and when I turned back I was going to say something he just put his finger in my mouth instead of the spork. I was so shocked and he's a joker so he just thought it was hilarious. All he said was maybe next time I'll let him feed me lmao. It was so awkward and funny at the same time. And I have a few others that were awkward too with the same crush.


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  • Got paired up with this girl in science a couple of years ago. Had absolutely zero experience with girls and I was really shy, but I had to do an experiment with her. Knocked a glass of water all over her pants, and I was so embarrassed that all I could bring myself to say was "Shit." Didn't say sorry, didn't help her, I just sat there like the awkward kid I was. Later I damned myself for being such an insensitive retard. It has still been the only occasion to date where I managed to make a girl wet.


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