Why do I have so much trouble with "the date"?

Sometimes, I will meet girls online and we will talk about "hooking up," and they will say that they want to go on a date first...

I usually back out because I don't know what to talk about or afraid they won't like me, or maybe I wouldn't even like them for anything other than sex, anyway...

The "date," might kill the whole thing...


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  • Don't over-think it. It's just a date. Even if they're only interested in hooking up, they still want to know you're who you say you are, that you seem like a normal, sane person, and get to know you a little before jumping into bed with you.

    A date might kill the whole thing, but not meeting them definitely does.

    • True... Except they might find out that I'm NOT a normal, sane person based on some things I've done in my past...

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    • Do you know the details of what I did?

    • No idea, but I was just taking you at your word. Also assumed you have a troubled past but it's not really horrible like you're a serial killer or something.

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