I'd rather just date him or just never talk to him again.

I'm so frustrated there is this guy that I like who is a total jerk to me and what makes it worse is I'm pretty sure he likes me to. Usually that would fix the situation however in my case it just makes it worse the more I like him the more it drives me insane when he is a jerk and the more he likes me the more jerky he gets. You know how some relationships start with two people driving each other insane like in the proposal that's exactly the case here and I can't handle it anymore. I just finally started to realize the problem is that I really like him and everybody I know says that we are the perfect opposites and that neither of us shut up about the other one. It is driving me so insane, I'm p*ssed, and sad, and confused, and raging, and hopeless, and confident, and vulnerable, and confused all at the same time I've never been this way before. At this point id rather just date him or just never talk to him again because I'm so mad with this entire situation its just so frustrating. Sorry I just needed to vent; comments would be great, thank you :)


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  • I went through this situation,back in high school.

    I'll just put it out there and let you know and realize what ur dealing with...

    Okay you know he's a jerk already,I'm sure he's interested in you but I'm pretty sure

    he doesn't have actual feeling for u.

    What he's doing with u,he's probably

    doing to a few other girls.You 2 probably are exactly the same in so many

    ways but that doesn't mean he's going to get with you because ya are alike.

    Now the going crazy and all these mixed emotions you got going on here.Is basically

    because he's not with u."U want something you can't have",which most of us go through.

    What you need to do is let him go little by little.

    Don't go through the trouble of trying to change for him it won't work.

    No texting or going to his web pages.

    I can almost guarantee if you ignore him he's ganna come back

    That when you don't give him the time of day..

    He's a jerk he's not going to change anytime soon I'm sure of this.He'll go out with other girls that aren't you I'm sure,doesint mean there's something wrong with u.But he probably is just going to us them like he's trying to do u.

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