Does he want to kiss me on the lips?

this guy was my college classmate. we were playing truth or consequence at that time and he chose consequence when the bottle pointed towards him. my friends asked him to kiss me. my friends didn't specify the location. I thought it'll be on the cheeks only so I didn't turn my face towards him. then suddenly, he held my chin and tried to turn my face towards him. I became so nervous and shy that I removed his hand away from my chin. ha ha! OK, I'll admit it. he's quite good looking that's why I fretted lol! I told him to kiss me on the cheeks only. when he kissed me it's wet. ew. so what do you think?


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  • he obviously wanted to kiss you on the lips. either cause he likes you and finally got the chance or he just wanted to be a naughty boy and makeout with some girl that he might get into her pants later. but to make it up to him you should definitely throw him into a dark corner, next time you see him, and tell him you got nervous the last time and that this is what you should have done, and kiss him like there's no tomorrow. yeah...up to you.

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