When he wants to be friends?

A guy told me he missed me but told him I'm not interested in him. He asked if we could be friends. I said no because last time I told him lets just try and be friends he would just try to sleep with me. He said he missed me and will not try anything but wants to be at least friends with me. When I used to tell him that I didn't trust his intentions he would joke around about it. This time I guess since he realized I wasn't playing around since I stopped talking to him that he lost a genuine friendship with me. Do you think he really is willing to just be friends now or is he just trying to get in the door for something more?


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  • Unless it's been years and/or he has someone new that he really likes I would not trust him, say no, this will also protect him against himself.

    • I ignored him for 1.5 years. I finally responded this time telling him to stop contacting me that I don't like him and he took me for granted when he had the chance. That's why he is asking to be at least friends. I said no though and then blocked him.

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    • I just don't understand why he doesn't give up. I even messaged him "I'm blocking you now. Bye". He responded "See ya later". Crazy.

    • He sounds like an ass who really does take you for granted, not even a guy who genuinely thinks you're special to him. I don't think you even have to feel sad for him, keep him blocked, no contact, don't even respond angrily.

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  • I don't think he wanted friendship.
    you did right thing.
    If he really wanted to become friend , he would have tried.