Is it this hard to find a caucasian girlfriend?

I've been trying for about 2 years now to find a caucasian girlfriend ( I admire them) :). I'm mixed racE but I have dark brown skin. I've tried dating Sites... etc etc... it doesn't seem to work. Yea its long distanCe but they sometimes work out. You never know. American.. English.. Canadian I don't care. :) :) you guys are just so beautiful. Any ideas? Its a "type" thing.


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  • Your just trying to get a green card

    • Lol lmao!! I have a visa/greencard... so nO lol

    • You got money? I think that would help a lot. Hot babes would settle for a fat rich arab dude in the weekends. They know they get paid well by them.

  • Come in Caucasia


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  • Caucasians usually prefer other Caucasians, irrespective of their gender, due to the supposed 'white superiority'(although I don't agree with it). So you're gonna have it VERY tough. Not worth the efforts, if you ask me. Just go for a girl of a different race.

    • ''due to the supposed 'white superiority'

      Oh ffs...

    • @Riggers

      That's why I said 'supposed', because it's not true. Just the media projecting white people as the standard for good looks, and people buying into this crap.

    • Thank fuck for that, I thought you were being serious. Haha.

      God damn, Im so sick of people saying white people are like that, Haha. All these people who say this shit almost act like they want white people to be racist cunts. They treat us as more racist then we ever are. Haha.