Help!!! Is she interested?

This chick cuts my hair at a discount because my ex used to work with her. I still go see her bc she's super hot, I've had a crush for like 6 years. She recently moved to a new salon and I followed her. I have a really good job and she's always asking about it. It's high level corporate finance, and she's always asking lots of questions and will try to impress me with this. I think it's cute. I always get a massage even though she does t have to bc I'm paying the super low cash discount. The first time I went to see her at the new salon I got a hug when I was leaving, which I loved.

this time, yesterday, the second time, she was cutting my hair and was leaning/propping her body against my arm/elbow for a minute or so. My arm/elbow was like resting in her inner thighs kind of close to her... lol.

on the way out I wondered if I'd get a hug. She says "wait! So let me ask you...(and she stops me and asks me some high level finance questions, how does this work! Lol) so we're talking and she's playing with necklace. Then she walks behind counter, I hand her cash then she swings back around like pretty close like she wanted a hug but then it got awkward bc I couldn't tell. Then we both kind of rambled a bit then I thought to give hug but didn't then it was awkward again and I left! Lol!

i can't tell if there's interest in her side?



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  • Like, duh...

    Dude, really?

    I mean, let's look at the facts:
    You are still paying a friend-of-a-friend cash rate that's based on a relationship that doesn't even exist anymore (= yr ex)... even though it is well known that you have a super high-powered, high-paying job and thus *should* by all means be paying the regular price -- to a girl who probably NEEDS the extra money, a lot more than you probably do.


    Basically, it's guaranteed that she has the hots for you, because, if she didn't, she would find that behavior inexcusably dickish and would politely ask you to pay the regular rate like everyone else. (Don't you think she at least deserves it, after all this time? And a hefty tip!)

    So... yeah.

    It's wide open for you. Make yr move.

    And if yr not gna make a move, at least start paying the girl what she's worth.

    • So you saying she has hots for me because of the rate she charges me?

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    • Ok thank you for the advice!

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  • Maybe she's always asking about your job because she knows you make decent money and can afford to pay her a living wage instead of taking advantage of her kindness.


    • I asked her how much, and she said same as always! I should pay her more...

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    • You already told me that. I don't care.

    • Ok so I should pay her more. What about the hug part! If she was mad she wouldn't have wanted?

  • You should invite her to get coffee sometime it's no big deal.
    It's pretty hard to say if she's interested or not for now.
    But you have nothing to lose if you invite her somewhere and get to know each other better. But be careful so as she might be a gold digger if she's too much into your work topic.

    • What do u mean?

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    • Oh lol yea she's always asking!!

    • Then you should be careful. A girl that is interested only into your money is not worth it.

  • Ask her out


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