How many dates before it's considered leading on?

Ok so I've been on one date so far and I'm going on a second soon. I quite like him but I'm not 100% sure yet! So how many dates do you think it takes before you need to make a decision on someone?
I don't want to lead him on or hurt his feelings if I'm still unsure after the second date, but at the same time if there is something there i don't want to instantly cut him off and lose something which could of been potentially special.

Just to let you all know I met him on a dating site and although he seems to be genuine (very kind, hasn't asked me anything sexual or even mentioned sex, texts me asking how I am, asks questions) I am still wary due to the intention of most guys on there being that they just want sex!


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  • Meh, indecisive women are a pain in the ass, it's better to cut it off.


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  • You should feel the connection instantly. If it isn't there on the first date, there won't be a second one for me

    • That's fair enough! Well we had a good conversation and have a lot in common. I wasn't sure if I was attracted to him but then he kissed me and it felt right. The thing is he was so nervous it was harder to talk at times, wasn't his fault of course but I just hope that he'll be more relaxed this time.

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  • hmm... i'd say more than 5...
    it happens to be indecisive about a guy, but dont drop him until you're sure you really dont want him.

    • That's quite a few but I'd guess I'd know whether I liked seeing him then and if I wanted to continue it or not.

    • yes... you can't really construct a precise opinion on someone just after one or two dates

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