Girls, Why are girls not satisfied with a guys height even if he's slightly taller?

Seriously, why is it that even if a guy is taller than you by half an inch you cannot accept it? If you find him attractive as forward as face and body, why do you care at this point, he's not shorter than you?

Is it the high heels. They were never intended for girls in the first place. And assuming you're a normal girl you're wearing regular shoes 99% of the time. No girl I know goes the darn supermarket with high heel shoes on. So occasionally you'll go to som special event with wearing your heels and yes you'll be 2-3 inches taller depending on what footwear he has. SO WHAT?


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  • Some girls are fine with any height while some of them just prefer guys much taller than them. Its really just personal preference.

    • Dont put demands you cannot meet yourself. I am working towards a masters degree and engineering, would it make any sense for me to demand a girl with a phd physics? Weird example, but you get the point

    • Well that's different. Height is a physical attribute while your example is more skill/personality based.
      And I personally don't care about a guy's height. I've been interested in guys who were 1 in shorter than me to a foot taller than me.

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