Tried to kiss a girl when I was out, even though I have a girlfriend. What do I do?

So I was really drunk, I leaned in, and she rejected me. I then realized what I had tried to do and went home there and then. I felt so ashamed then and still do. My girlfriend is Long Distance and says its okay if I cheat. She's bi and really into girls at the moments and talks about wanting to sleep with women and have threesomes. Despite her saying its okay to cheat I still feel like a monster for even trying to kiss this girl. I'm so fucking glad she rejected me but the intent was there.

Things just got complicated recently and I slipped up. I know people say "it will never happen again" but that is seriously not me who did that. I drank past my limits, I did something I never had before and feel horrible.

What do I do? should I break up for my girlfriends sake? should I tell her even though nothing happened?

I've a trip to see her booked for two weeks away. Flights, hotel etc.

The boundaries got blurred due to the above. Help?


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  • I don't think you cheated and I don't think there's a definition of cheating in a long-distance relationship with a bisexual girl. You have every right to have a life outside of her. She has a life outside of you--CORRECT? You bet! Now I'm not a guy giving you an excuse to act out. I'm a girl telling you that not only is it okay but it's expected and you're carrying a lot of guilt unnecessarily. Sure you can tell her and she won't feel any bad feelings. Why because she's acting out and have a good time itself. You don't think this relationship is going to end in marriage do you? Of course not. Don't take it so seriously like it's life or death. Life is not so serious

    • But I don't want to be dishonest. We are in a relationship, some may see the distance and say its less of a relationship but I don't think it inherently is. I made a mistake, granted nothing happened but the intent was there. I appreciate that you feel I shouldn't feel guilty because of her past transgressions and her new found interest in females but thats not me. I'd be suprised if I *wasn't* depressed because of it

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  • In my case i would tell her, it ain't cheating in my eyes but i would tell her. Otherwise this will be on your mind for ages and IF she somehow finds out on her own she'll be really angry.
    Learn out of your mistakes and don't let it happen again. aka don't drink past your limits again ;)

    • I mean nothing happened, she has cheated once before, I guess a lot of people would see it as evening the odds or perhaps even that but I was drunk and I made a mistake. I'm glad the girl turned me down.

    • well i guess you answered your own question then :D

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  • You should tell her.


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  • Dude...
    First of all, if she really loved you, she would DEFINITELY not be okay with you cheating.

    Second of all, she talks about sleeping with other women and having threesomes WHILE she's in s relationship? So wrong man. So wrong. Save your money and get a better girlfriend.

    Mark my words. Even if you lived together, she would cheat on you with a guy who has a bigger d*ck. Trust me. I know these kinds of girls

    • The being okay with me cheating really made me worried. Like how can she be okay with that. Its so weird. I know I made a mistake myself but to give me permission is odd to say the least, she claimed I "deserve" it but perhaps she said that so that I'd say the same back?

      She sends me pictures of women she finds attractive, told me she wanted to get with a female friend, she swears she won't cheat, won't hurt me like that but I don't know man. Going to see her in two weeks so we'll see

    • Aight man. Message me how it goes. Lol I wanna know how it turns out

    • No problem :)

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