Stop asking her?

This girl says she wants to hang out with me and I really want to hang out with her. She keeps coming up with things and ideas we should do. We hung out once and she said she had a lot of fun. I have asked her multiple times to hang out, and given specific days and things to do. Its always I can't, I'm doing something, etc. However, then she talks about how she wants to hang out again. So I ask her, what days good for you, and she says I don't know yet, 2 weeks in a row. Stop asking?


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  • ... Yes, Stop Asking...
    She is Obviously making herself look good, or so she thinks, in a Wink of an Eye with you, this Guy with a good Try, to Continue to Put you on a Backwards Burner Because it is just a Lame Duchess Duck excuse for really Not... Wanting to hang out for a Second time.
    Let her Ask you Now and if she should, Make some 'Excuse' yourself so you are not so Johnny on her Hot Spot and see how she likes Feeling... Like a Tea Pot on a Bumbling Back Burner.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Stop asking. If she brings it up again, just be cool and say. Sure. You set it up.


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