Why do Boys Ignore me?

I'm so angry right now. Like I like a guy, and I tell him, and he ignores me.
I just saw a guy I had a 'thing' with two years ago, and he ignored me like he didn't even look at me. I ended contact with him because I sensed fuckboy vibes but why is this happening to me?
What am I doing wrong?


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  • You were the one who ended contact.

    • what do u mean?
      Do u think thats why he's ignoring me?

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    • oh... okay fair enough.

    • It's a possibility: either he considered your rupture to be a final end or he got over you and moved on. A girl crushed on me in HS but she never said it to me or to a common friend. I crushed on her too, I told it her more than once but I always got a no.
      I heard later from others that she had decided she wouldn't date in HS (Indeed , I never did see her with a BF) By the time we were both in college I ignored her and moved on.
      Too bad.

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  • Why do women ignore me?

    • I guess we like the guy to approach us first.

  • Try praying.


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  • They are simply not into you. It happens.