Would you think your partner was a loser if they didn't have a lot of friends?

Would you think your partner was a loser if they didn't have a lot of friends (maybe one or two), or they weren't very social or they would consider you as their best friend?

And as a side question, are there any friendly, social apps to make friends?


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  • About the only thing that would make me think she was a loser in this would be if the reason she didn't have friends was because she was constantly causing drama, manipulating them, treating them like dirt, or otherwise screwing people over constantly.

    If that's not the reason she don't have many/any friends, then I really don't care. She could be more career focused, or have kids that need more attention, or just not sociable, or comfortable around numerous people. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    • Very good point, thank you for sharing.

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  • No... I would never think that. I would just think he/she is an introvert and either more focused on work or studies than building relationships.

    But unfortunately relationships are the key to happiness (or misery), so having very good ones is very important.

    Having that said, i would be their friend but it would be nice if he/she has at least ONE other very good /close friend.. otherwise you become too attached/dependent and needy upon one person and if anything ever happens, it will almost feel like the lost/death of a dear person - not recommended. So having a healthy social circle or people whom you talk to is very important (whether online or in person).

    As for apps, well there is Tinder and Happn (although u should specify u only look for friends since they are dating apps and I don't know what "social" apps are there ONLY for friendships... I knew a few back in the Netherlands but I don't know if there are any in general... maybe u can tell me/us when u find some! :D ehhehe

    • Lol thank you for sharing!

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  • "The realest people dont have a lot of friends" Tupac

  • Certainly not. Loser or not is not counted by the number of people you call 'friend'.

  • Friends are in the quality, not the quantity. You only need 1 guy you can count on when you need him rather than 10,001 guys who ran away.

    That being said, you should have some social contacts. You don't need friends. You only need people who know something about someone to do business connection.

    • Ooh, I like that plan.

  • Nope, actually I like asocial girls mostly, since asocials are seen as losers in stupid society. They have more things worth to speak mostly.

    • Very interesting point.

  • No since neither of us has many friends. As teenagers most think they need to have more and more and more people in their life they call their friend. As life goes on you realize who are your true friends, who are aquiantances and who are meant for a period of time and then to just move on down a path you might never cross again or if you do cross paths again it might not be at the same point and time.

    • Thank you, I agree with this

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  • No. Because I don't. I am shy and a little introverted and it is in our nature to have a few close friends and not a large group of social friends. I fit that to a tee. So, I would not mind if guys did or didn't have a lot of friends. Once you get older I feel like people get married and lose touch and end up keeping a few close friends so it is almost the norm for me and people my age to have less.

    • Yeah, that's true. I seem to always forget that. Though, it already feels like I'm married with a lack of friends already. Most of them moved away or stopped all contact. I have one friend I still see from time to time and my boyfriend that I'm with whenever I can be.

    • Same here. I usually only have one friend that I hang out with consistently, otherwise I have a few friends I see maybe a few times a year because of schedules or their significant others. Sometimes it sucks because if I am off of work I usually have nothing to do or will do things by myself. I am not dating anyone either so I am usually alone. It is okay, I am used to it and at this point in my life it isn't going to change. I don't feel like anyone I have dated judged me for it because I do have at least a few friends, if I had none that might be a red flag to them.

    • Hang in there. Besides, you seem like a good person.

  • Do you know how many of the population identifies with being an introvert, aka someone who doesn't particularly like or require social interaction or social stimulation to feel fulfilled or entertained? Are we all to be considered losers because we prefer solitude or are very selective in our friends?

    • I don't think anyone identifies being an introvert. People are just are introverts.

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    • "Others may judge you to be of INTROVERT based on your behaviour and the way you talk to other people, but if you yourself don't consider yourself to be of INTROVERT, then you don't SELF-IDENTIFY as being that way." - if you're an introvert, then you're an introvert. you dont choose to NOT be and introvert. oh wait, sorry, i meant "self-identify**" not choose.

    • @actual_dragon_tears If you can't understand the difference between self-identify and choosing something, I can't help you. In this case I would judge you to have difficulty comprehending concepts, but I bet you don't self-identify as having a learning disability.

  • No I wouldn't judge them based on how many friends they have. They could have 3, 2, or 1 or maybe not any friends but I wouldn't consider them a loser. I personally don't have a lot of friends. But there are social apps out there to help you make friends. You just have to be cautious about who you speak to you and don't trust people so easily online because you never know who you are speaking to.

    • What are some of those apps to make friends?

    • And of course, safety is number one to these social apps. Thank you for adding that cautionary message. :)

  • No, I don't consider them a loser. Lots of acquaintances but only one or two close friends seems to be the norm. I personally don't have a lot of close friends, but I have tons of acquaintances. My boyfriend has one friend he's been BFFs with for 20+ years.

    Core friendships last, but casual ones are very fluid.

    • I love that statement you made, "Core friendships last, but causal ones are very fluid."

  • my boyfriend dont have many friends, mots of them in an other city, country or people he met online so only chat with. he considers me as his best friend and we both like to hang out together, he says he is a bit antisocial cause he likes to stay in but he socializes well. anyway i dont consider him a looser at all, its just his personnality, im like that too so

    • Sounds like my boyfriend, too.

    • i think the important is to be happy in the situation and that the social status of the person does not affect you negatively, if it does, then talk to him about it

    • Good idea.

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