How come girls usually have like at least 2-3 boyfriend by mid 20's. While a lot of guys are still kissless virgins?

WTF is going on in dating in this generation. I'm usually seeing most girls have gone through several boyfriend by the time they hit their mid 20's.

How come girls usually have like at least 2-3 boyfriend by mid 20's. While a lot of guys are still kissless virgins ?While a good percentage of male populace (I'd wager 25%) have never even touch or kissed a girl. let alone have a girlfriend by their mid 20's.


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  • The bitter truth;
    We are totally animals inside and women want to get the children of %5-10 of guys who have better genetics. That is why there are so many virgin guys and so many cheater bad ass guys.
    I know because, I'm among those loser virginhs. I admitted it and want to live more evolved from human instincts.


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  • It's easier for women to acquire a boyfriend.


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  • Because some guy should have no business dating any girl. I hangout with this guy couple day ago. At first i though the reason he couldn't get a girl because he was shy but i hangout with him the first time, i see a different reason. He cheap and self center. There was a girl that look pretty nice and ask him go talk to her. Then he about her flaw before even know the girl. He really cheap. I got 11 dollar and the bill was like almost 20. i ask 10 from him but he seem only want to pay his 2 cheap as beer. if he was going out with a girl act like that, good luck finding a girlfriend. No girl like cheap bastard or self center guy

    • Nothing wrong with being cheap. Most rich people are cheap.


      Tiger Woods hand dinner with a group of navy seals and rather than pay for all of them due to him asking them out. He made them pay for their own meals and he paid for his.

  • Actually not many guys are even virgins by mid 20's and there aren't that many more guy virgins compared to girls around that age

    • We can't use statistics. Men lie about not being virgins.

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    • Just because you use profanity to prove your point does not mean you're right. If factual evidence is what you seek I'd advise you to look up realistic/updated articles/studies done. It does not take an expert to know both men and women lie. Again, women downplay their #'s and men increase their numbers; perhaps for reputation purposes.

    • Men after certain age will lie about being virgins due to the stigma associated with being an old male virgin.

      Similar to how women have an average partner count of like 6-8. Yet, if you go out into the real world and observe women behavior you'll realize the number is much, much higher. Especially seeing sex outside of relationship is no longer taboo, ONS/hookup culture is promoted and you now have apps like tinder and social media which makes it very easy to meet up with someone and fuck them.