The breakup is coming. How should I act or react with her to possibly get her to come back?

I am looking for some advice. I have a feeling a breakup is coming my way, in the near future. I want to know how to react and what to say to her when she breaks it off me. I do want her to come back to me. I am also going to tell her I am not interested in her freindship. Any advice would be good thanks all! I appreciate it.

Ok I need to clarify a little. I am not going to beg or plea with her to stay- I understand once a woman's mind is made up it won't change right away. I want her to come back eventually. What should I say to put the seed of doubt in her mind to think she messed up when she let me go. Hopefully that makes more sense.
Thank you everyone, but dragons tears it was helpful. I am going to keep this breakup "classy", I am a gentleman and I will stay that way. I can't help her, if she won't talk to me about what's bothering her. So she's kept these emotions bottled up and instead of dealing with them she is removing "me" the source of her aniexty to solve her problem. This is why the break up is coming and why I am preparing.


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  • You need to figure out what the reason for the break up is. If she's made up her mind to break up with you, then there's nothing you can really say to change that, unless there is a specific reason she is breaking up with you and you are able to change/fix that.


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  • If she did this to me I would not say anything. I would smile and nod and be on my way.

    • This is what I was ultimately going to do. I was going to let her verbally let loose on me and get it all out ( 15 years serving my country in 2 different theaters of operations, I can turn of the emotions pretty quick). I just wanted to say something small similar to " it was nice getting to know you, if you change your mind let me know" and leave it at that.

    • Congratulations on your achievements! Yes that's the best thing to do.

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  • Dont curse her out, listen to what she has to say, dont bring up past memories. But if she wants to break up there is no way she'll come back again (well she might but there's a reason WHY she's dumping you). Try not to be clingy or needy. But breakups are inevitable - good luck...

    • Be a little positive breakups aren't always inevitable. My grandparents were married for 66 years. I am looking for that kind of love.

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  • your obviously causing this breakup if you're having "premonitions" of a breakup. stop being an asshole to your girlfriend and end the relationship if you dont want to be with her.

    • Actually she is going to be the one breaking up with me. This whole breakup is on her. She has major Relationship Anexity, instead of her wanting to talk about what's bothering or getting help for the Anexity -she pushed me away... I have nothing, but kind and supportive to her. I am the asshole go fuck your self!

    • *been and *yourself. Don't be a troll! If you weren't online you definitely wouldn't be man enough to call me an asshole to my face!

    • you're assuming she's breaking up with you or did she already break up with you, retard. dont assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.