I was dating this girl after two dates she ghosted me and than got back in contact with this message, what are you thoughts on how to proceed?

Hello Jamie, first of all I just want to apologise for not being contact. I have had a very stressful month with uni assignments, starting my new placement and I had some bad news recently also. Heads just been over the place, haven't been in contact with anyone really. Thank for inviting me to go Karting but im suppose to be going Clacton for the weekend for my nieces birthday I've booked and paid for it by I don't know if I can get get the time off work now. Just one thing after another. Xx

Few other things to note -
She had agreed to 3rd date
I think her ex came back onto the scene
She has not accepted my Facebook friend request after I deleted her for ignoring me when she was posting a lot on facebook


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  • She's using you as Plan B. Are you okay with that?


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  • Sounds like a stringer too just ignore her dude.


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  • just go on the 3rd date, get it over with, see what happens. you get rocks off, sweet. you dont, you dont. oh well.


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