Should we give dating/our first kiss another shot?

I was dating a guy for a couple months. Our first kiss happened at a bad timing... I had a really bad day, it happened right after I went to the gym so I didn't have a chance to shower, etc. also I don't have a lot of experience. I just wasn't mentally or physically prepared for it to happen but it did. So I didn't enjoy the kiss and he didn't either as a result. We were both turned off. Since it felt a bit forced or unnatural, we became really distant and didn't really address the issue for a while.
I'm traveling for work for about 2 months and We've talked about maybe giving us another shot when I'm back.
We were really excited to date because we've been crushing on each other for a while. when we first started dating, I really felt that I could be in a relationship with him and he felt that way about me.

I'd like to try again especially since I can't tell if the kiss felt that way because of the circumstances or if it felt that way because we're better off as friends.

Is it pointless to try dating again?


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  • Not at all to me i feel like you two should give it a try and let the kiss happen naturally and if sparks flow theb great! Others wise at least you guys gave it a try (:

  • Yeah sure! It looks like just a bad timing but else was all fine.

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