Would you ever double text/message someone you just started talking to if you haven't heard back from them in a couple days?


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  • If I like em I will, sure. There a big difference between being doormat-y and knowing when to set your ego aside in pursuit of someone.

    • That's a good point. I just didn't want to give off the wrong vibe if say I try to strike up another convo, and he ignores it entirely. But I won't know if I won't try.

      The first message I sent him, he answered immediately followed by asking me questions about me. I answered and asked them in return, and got nothing, just strange.

    • If you try again and he ignores it, then oh well -- at least you tried.

      You've got nothing to lose. Just text the guy and see if it goes anywhere.

    • I'll do that and see what happens :D

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  • If I thought he may have Not gotten my First message, then Perhaps... Yes, I would. I would just want to make sure It had reached him or if he was even okay.
    However, after this and with Not hearing, Giving it ample Time of course, I would not Push one more Button to go for Thirds... Three Strikes and he is Out.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • It shows that he read the message. Weird thing is that he randomly liked a IG post that I posted 2+ months ago, so it seemed like he was checking my profile out. I was thinking (hoping) he just forget to respond, or hit send, or make it seem like he's busy. I think there is mutual attraction on both ends since we matched on Tinder some time ago, so it's just weird.

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    • Hmm or cannot be bothered as he lays in the sun, hun.. See what happens when he comes home and if need be, move on.
      Thank you for the Like. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Sure yeah I do sometimes if I have something to say

  • Sure


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  • I have.

    • And did anything positive come of the double text?

      In my situation, this is all fairly new, so he and I barely know each other, but I would like to get to know him better, but he may just not feel the same.

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    • Think it was just the fear that he wasn't going to respond a second time. I actually did send him another message, and included my phone number as a way for us to communicate outside of IG. He read it, no response. No text message either. He hasn't unfriended me yet or anything. But I'm taking the hint.

      He's either in a relationship (possible), or he has no interest in me. We match on Tinder some time ago, so I think there is some kind of attraction. Any who, I got my answer.

    • Yup. Time to move on. He's immature for not responding. No great loss.