Is it wrong to wanna date a girl but not be involved with her kids at all?

Would u guys date a single parent?
I'm dating this girl and she has two kids she 25. And I really like her she fun and I enjoy her company which is weird because I hate people.
Her kids are 4and 5 one boy one girl.
Any ways our dates keep getting cut short brcuase of her baby sitter and she has work and she has the kids. Im wtf.

When we are put at the bar or we go the beach or my place it so much fun. The sex is great. she ask me to come over a lot but I'm like what if ur kids are there or they come home when I'm there.

Also if I ever do wanna become boyfriend girlfriend with this girl I'm gonna have to deal with them.

I only want kids that our mine and hers it more special that way.

I paid her baby sitter a extra 100 dollars to keep them for two extra hours once it was worth it.

This is why I don't date guys


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  • I mean its not wrong in a sense that you know what you want. But it depends on how serious this is for you. In the long run you don't want to get involved with her kids and I'm not sure if you realize that it's a package deal if you two become serious. So honestly I'd put everything on a scale. Do you like her enough to change your potential involvement with her kids? Is it worth it for you? Do you know how she feels about you? Just think about it. Personally that's why I prefer not to date guys with kids already. It becomes very complicated.


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  • Yes, it's not okay. Her kids are a permanent and important part of her life, if you have such a problem with them then do the decent thing and own that and give her the choice whether she wants to continue with you or not, knowing you won't want to be involved with her kids at any point.

  • It's only wrong if you don't tell her that you don't want to be involved with her kids. Though make sure she knows that it's not that you hate them but because you only want kids that are yours. Then let her decide if she wants to end the relationship or keep going.


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