Can an older women who used to be very good-looking still be considered out of some guys' league?

This came to me as a shower thought, so to speak. Let's say a girl was incredibly attractive in her teens and twenties. Maybe she was a supermodel. You would say that there's a lot of guys who aren't in her league. But can you still say that about a woman once she reaches her 30's? Especially mid-late thirties? I know that isn't so old and a lot of people still look good at that age, but considerably less so than they did 10 years ago. So the girl would no longer be "top gear", so to speak.

So she looked drop dead gorgeous when she was younger, and now in her thirties she still looks good, but not as good. Could you still say she is out of anyone's league?

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  • Kate Beckinsale at 42 ... Still out of 99% of the men's league. Girls these days are health conscious and they're hitting their prime in their 30's tbh.

  • why do men always ask philosophical questions on here? it makes the girls seem vapid. i think it can dude; i dont see why it would not be possible.