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I met this guy at University. He's the one who approached me on the first day & we became friends. It's been 3 months & I've developed a crush on him. Im not sure if he likes me back but I'd just like to get it off my chest. Should I do it & how shall I do it? In person or text? I have to face him everyday, would it be awkward?


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  • It would be awkward if he didn't share the feelings, however awkward feelings will disappear with time.

    If you have his number or are friends on facebook, just message him asking if he wants to go out sometime or something like that.

    If you dont, then start flirting with him a little and work up to asking him out

  • i would tell him in person. i wouldn't think it would be awkward afterwards but it depends on your friendship probably

    • We've never been out alone. We've always been in groups. We make plans or he invites me & then ends up cancelling. I find it very confusing.

    • hmm weird... he's either really shy or not interested. i would probably leave the ball in his court them tbh. wait until he actually follows through with your plans.. then tell him

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