Is this girl flirting with me?

I met a girl on Facebook through a group we both are on. I viewed her profile and found her attractive, but we also share similar interests. She's kind of an outcast but flaunts that and doesn't care and I like that about her! It says she is in a relationship and up to a year ago there was a photo of her with a guy, but some photos she posts are really flirty and it almost seems like she is playing the field.

She added me and I started off commenting on a photo and she describes herself as weird and I said "I like weird, weird is good" and she liked and commented "thanks ☺️"

Then I commented on photos she took and said her photography is amazing and I'd like to know the places you went for these and she told me, I liked that she responded.

Finally, I got bold and commented on a really sexy photo of her nobody commented on. I said "damn that photo of you is so sexy 😍". She replied "thank you πŸ˜‰".

Is the fact she is responding to all these a sign of flirting? Perhaps she isn't even dating anymore? Should I message her and try to meet up like at the parks she takes photos at near me (I also do photography) or take the flirting up a notch? What could I say? She really likes Halloween and dressed up as a sexy witch one year


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  • I think she's just responding. I wouldn't call any of this flirting. Posting sexy looking pictures isn't a sign that she's playing the field, but if you see her using facebook a lot, and her relationship status is public, then I'm pretty sure that's real.

    I think the photography thing is a good move, but I do really think that she has a boyfriend lol.

    • 2 other guys have since tried posting flirts right after I did, they were not the listed boyfriend either. She responds to everyone but in different ways. I got the wink another guy just got a plain smiley.

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    • Looking at her you wouldn't think, but you could be right. Like I said, we have a lot in common and I think she's pretty so for me that would be a good match.

    • thanks for MH!

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  • Thats not flirting lol she's just replying. But yes, do message her and try to get a date. You have nothing to lose.


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  • No. She is being nice and she isn't saying anything suggestive back to you at all. All she has said is thank you and answered your questions, that is not a sign of interest and before long you are going to piss her boyfriend off too if you haven't already.


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