Need advice, how can I get this girl if I at all can? (moderately long text) ?

So there is this girl I saw once who works at at the reception which governs the new appartment complex I recently moved into. She's an absolute stunner, solid 10/10, definitely the most beautiful girl I have seen in a very long time. She seems to be about mid 20's, I am 21.
I'm thinking of ways I can try to ask her out but its so tricky. She's only talked to me once under a professional setting, so she doesn't really know anything about me.

The two options I see are that I can go to the reception right before it closes, because then there won't be people waiting at a queue to watch me make a fool of myself. But at the same time, when I was there, there were 4 receptions who worked side by side and you sort of go to the first one available to assist you. So even if I reach her desk, and even if there is no queue, even if I have an excuse to be there, there will be 3 other receptionists by her side spectating me, again, probably making a fool of myself.

My other option is waiting outside the lobby after it closes, I know the opening hours, and approach heras she leaves to go home. But I'm pretty sure she'd get creeped out by that.

So any advice? Should I bother?


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  • I definitely wouldn't wait outside, that's kind of weird. I would go up to her during the work hours and try to he brave in front of the others haha. I've watched a guy hit on a girl at a papa Murphys while she was working and give her his number. It was great.


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