If we only see each other once a week, does that mean he's not that into me?

We both work, but he goes out or sees friends it seems like most nights or several nights a week (and all weekends). What gives me hope is that when I can't make another day he shuffle things around for me. I try not to seem too available. We've been dating for a month and a half and I really like him.

Thanks for your opinions


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  • he seems into you if he is making to see you once a week. A guy who is not into would never do that. y'all just started dating and are not in a committed relationship so that is why he is spending more time with friends bc he is still single and he likes you but its no the point of love or on the verge of commitment to where he knows and wants to make more time with you than friends.

    y'all are sting single. So once a week is good until it get better in time and you'll see him more if things get serious

    • How can I get to that point where it gets more serious though? Or help that process along? Without having the talk necessarily. But I'd like to "organically" speed things up if that makes sense.

    • no! do not rush it. Just let things go with the flow. y'all are going at a good pace, seeing each other each week is a great start. So dont do anything to mess up that flow. It will get serious the more and more you see each other.

      There is no reason to rush it bc it just started. Enjoy yourself and be glad its once a week. I know you want more time with him and you will get that when he naturally feels that way

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  • No, my ex and I saw each other once a week (sleepover) every Sunday and it was because we were busy and set that time aside for us. Its hard to see eachohter a lot when both are busy, if you like him then thats great! You won't come off as too available because there will be days where you're busy and he isn't etc. Its okay

  • So far, so good, @HaleyArnold.
    You are playing your cards very well, I can tell with Being... I try not to seem too available.
    It's very hard, I realize, been there and done that, when 'We both work.' However, How many times he 'Goes out or sees friends'... He Shuffle things around for me.
    He is Making you One of His Priorities and is Not putting you on a Back burner. And I am sure if Push would come to Shove, he probably would rather be with you... A Potential Love.
    Keep up the Great work. You both are Nursing and Nurturing Something Special here, dear. He is Into you and enjoys the challenge with your Not Always Available.
    Good luck. xx

    • *You both work so with him going out with his friends this much, conflicting schedules but he juggles to see you when you need to change things around. xx

  • Hmmm, I would question his dedication
    Is this really a relationship you want to be in? Or would you prefer someone who would prefer to spend time with you, than his friends?
    Personally - I would start to question the relationship

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