Why has she been lying to me? Why do I still like her? Do I date her or just remain friends?

For the past few months, I've been getting close to one of my friends. She is nice, cute and cool to be around. Unfortunately, I found out a few things about her 2 days ago. She told me that she doesn't act out or go wild and I seriously got attracted to that. I took my feelings for her seriously and she responded positively. The chemistry between us is amazing. She also told me a few things about her past e. g. She had a brief relationship with the current boyfriend of one of my friends and she dated a dude I know. The thing is, the boyfriend confessed that he juggled both of them before they were official and she didn't know while my crush knew. Also, he may have cheated with my crush. I also found out how her thing with him started and it really disgusted me because I didn't see her as that kind of girl. They met at a party, got drunk and had sex in the washroom. I thought back a bit more and noticed things that she told me of her volition but lied to me about. One of them was her ex that I know. She said she didn't sleep with him when I didn't even ask. When they broke up, he said she cheated but because he's kinda crazy no one believed. I asked him again and found out that the guy she cheated with felt guilty and owned up since they were roomies plus he saw them kissing outside but she never knew so she still denies it to this day. Before she left on her trip a few weeks ago, she told me that this playa we know kissed her but she pushed him away. She paused for a moment when she said that because she realized it was me she was talking to. I found out from my friend that was there that it was a lie and they almost hooked up but he stopped them. I'm mad she lied about things she CHOSE to tell me. However, she may be interested but she is still single and can do what she wants (some of the things were before we got close). I do like her but I'm kinda turned off. P. S. My friend thinks she is lying to me because she doesn't want to lose me as a friend and potential boyfriend. Thoughts?

Okay, so the girl whose boyfriend cheated with my crush is raising hell. She's falling apart, asking questions and being a nervous wreck. She confronted my crush (which she informed me of beforehand) and my crush confessed that she slept with her boyfriend. So my crush freaks out after the convo and calls me. She confesses and says it was a stupid decision that she regrets. Now she has contacted me twice in the past 3 days saying stuff like; "Please don't hate me" and "Do you hate me now?"


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  • Relationships are built on trust. It seems like you can't really trust this girl. I would just continue being friends with her, and see if she's able to figure out how to be honest. Tbh, telling you lies about things you didn't ask seems kinda like an attention thing. But, she may also feel guilty about it, and therefore try and validate her actions or cover them up or whatnot. I'm sure she's a sweetheart most of the time, and great to be around and stuff. But, word to the wise; wait. Wait it out and see if she's really serious or if you would just make another story for her to tell. Ya know, man? Just see if she's gonna mature. If she don't, youdontdon't want her.

    • It's true. She is a sweetheart and great to be around, that's one reason I really like her. She's worried I'll hate her now.

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  • Dude. I dated a girl JUST like this!
    First of all, she's a liar. A cheater. A drunk. A whore.

    I'm warning you dude. If you keep on with your relationship with her, she's gonna hurt you so much more than she already has. You don't deserve to have a heartbroken relationship like I have.

    Because of the girl I dated in the past, I have major trust issues, protective problems, anger issues, I get jealous way too easily, I keep having flash backs of the past hurts and conversations that I found out were just lies. These things will happen to you (if not already)

    Heed my warning man. She's exactly like my ex. Spitting out lies in every sentence, going out with other men, getting drunk, having sex, playing 3 guys at once while in a relationship, so much more.

    Just leave her. I know you're not staying with her right now because of "her beautiful personality". It's probably her good looks. Just move on man. Get a good girl and not a whore. Save yourself years of pain and problems.

    She will try to get you back again, trust me. Because that's what whores do. Play with boys, and when you lose one, you could be found out. So real him in again. Play with him again. Repeat.

    • It's seriously annoying. I mean why lie to me about shit that I didn't even ask about in the first place? When alcohol gets in her system, she turns into an entirely different person. I tell ya man feelings and emotions blind you to the truth. Thanks for the advice. Everyone that's heard has told me not to date her. She doesn't know that I know so she is still being all cutesy and innocent. It hurts man. Just when I thought I found decent girl that isn't shallow or a slut like my ex (she must've fucked half the damn city), I find out this. Bullet dodged indeed.

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  • Maybe she stopped being that way. Or maybe she didn't want to be judged by you.


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  • The moral of the story is the girl you are getting close to Is a cheater, drunk loser, a liar and a slut... And she is also very lose charactered...

    I would give you a very strong advice to keep your heart away... Meaning don't give you great to her...

    She will lie to you and cheat on you.. Afterall one a slut always a slut...
    Don't trust this bitch at all... And don't be stupid by giving your heart...

    Even if she is still single now... She if very slutty and definitely didn't like you or respect you really...
    If she liked you she wouldn't kiss or make out with other guys and try to almost hook up... She would feel guilty when doing that...
    Aldo the fact that she lied about this whole thing is enough for me to put her in the friend zone forever...

    Your deserve a nice girl with morals and someone who is not a slutty girl who lies to you all the time... The only thing you need to do is be smart and make a smart choice rather that thinking that she was like that in the past and all...
    Past makes you who you are today...
    I believe that if you can lie, Cheat and be a slut in the past then you are that person forever unless until you really make a real change yourself...


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