Sudden change in behavior?

I have been seeing a guy for 2 weeks (not exclusive, but we are talking about moving to that stage if everything goes well). At 1st he would usually text me first, morning, day and night. Now he doesn't text good morning at all, yes I always responded to his texts and I started sending him morning texts 1st. The thing that bothers me is the change in habit, sometimes he takes hours to respond and today I decided to see what would happen if I didn't text, he has yet to text me. He did tell me that he is only seeing me and we have plans tomorrow. When we are together we have a great time and one day we spent almost 9 hours together. Why the change?

We did talk over the phone on the weekend and one day we spent over an hour on the phone.


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  • His lost of interest is saddening. When his interest changes with you, it changes for someone else. What I mean is, he's paying less attention to you, and is probably paying more attention to someone else.

    With him saying that he's seeing you and only you, I would doubt that. Highly.
    Here's a tip. Don't believe anyone or what they say. Instead, notice their actions. Their actions will explain everything in truth.


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  • Maybe he's just busy... Also, if you started texting him first, it kinda just takes the chase away. I would say wait until after your date tomorrow and see what happens. If he's not changing after you guys hang out, then he may just not be as interested anymore.