How do I handle this situation?

My ex girlfriend recently admitted that she still loves me. She also said that i scare her because she feels I may be too good to be true. She hasn't been treated well by guys in the past and I guess she's not used to someone who respects her and puts her needs first. She has told me in the past that I'm completely different then most guys she has dated. I'm college educated, have a career, own my home, and look better than most guess she's dated. She says most of her previous boyfriends have been high school dropouts, and work dead end jobs. So if I do scare her because of this reason, how can I combat that? How do I show her there's nothing to be scared of?


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  • Do everything you can to show her that you're not like the assholes that she has dated. Make her feel special and protected

    • Please can u give me some examples? There's something about her where all I want to do is make her life easier

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    • I really can't thank u enough. This is exactly what I was looking for. I want nothing more than to do all of this for her

    • So glad I could help 😊

  • Encourage her and help her boost her self esteem (it sounds like she's a little insecure)

    • Some ways to do this without scaring her off or coming on too strong?

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