Girls, What would make you go from staring not saying a word to saying hi all the time?

Noticed some girl who always looks at me on the train. Everytime I see her been happening for like s year now. But I stopped catching the train for 4 months after seeing her on it everyday we just used to look at each other all the time. But now that I started catching it every 2 weeks she always says hello and goes red. Why has she started doing this? Would why you do this?


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  • I would go silent and staring to actually interacting if I got the courage to say hello to my crush. Thats what this sounds like. Especially since she goes red in the face. Do you say hello? Have you two had a conversation?

    • I always say hi back. We haven't had a conversation yet. It would make sense as before I seen her almost everyday but then I stopped for 4 months as I broke my neck. But everytime she seen me since she's always said hi like 4/5 times

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    • Good idea ! Thanks

    • you're welcome :)

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