Should I just focus on me and not even try to talk to girls anymore?

I know I'm only 20, but I can't seem to find a girl, I nevery kissed a girl before, I never dated one, I never hung out with one before, I pretty much never did anything ever. The most I've gotten was phone numbers, and it's a circle I get excited after I get her number I try to act like I'm a busy man, all the girls I talked to kindly told me they had bfs, or just said no, I started to think why do I like these type of girls if they all say no, I start to feel like something is wrong with me, if I could take this wanting women feeling away I would of been did it, I don't like wanting to experience anything with a girl and i can't do it, it's frustrating, especially when my friends tell me about they're new ex or present girlfriend, I just think to myself at least you got to experience what it felt like to be with a girl you found interesting and you were able to spend time with her, I try to stay positive, I dress nice, I have a well paying job and a nice car, I've gotten blessed with everything, I never thought it would be this hard to just take a girl out, its been the hardest thing in my life, I think I'm a decent looking guy, but no matter what I do I can't find a girl, I tried going out, dating apps, but still the same results, I try to ignore the being single, but then I get those feelings, the feelings that I want someone with me, a girl I can hang out with and experience and learn. especially at night, that's the worst part of my day because that's when my mind wonders, I barely have girls to text, and mainly at night I just want a girl to talk to.
Out of all the girls I talked to and with all of them rejecting me, it makes me think I should just not try anymore, all it does is hurt, and I just get a very confusing feeling, and then I start thinking I shouldn't chase and try to be with them if they like me it wouldn't be so hard, but all of them have been hard to get so that means none of them liked me. I feel I should just stop wasting my time.


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  • Maybe you need to focus in yourself and raise your self esteem. Take this time to become more comfortable with yourself. If you have confidence girls will see that and interactions with them may be less awkward and more natural

  • You should make you the best version of you and until you're happy with yourself, you can't be happy with someone else


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