Why does he always back out?

So there is this guy that I have been talking to on and off for a year, but didn't hangout much because I was in school an hour away. Now that I'm back for good I figured things would change a little. He asked to date me early May then changed his mind because he didn't think he'd have time to be with me but says he really likes me. He asked me to hangout around the 30 and he says that he didn't realize how much he missed me till he saw me... I'm really picky with who I date and who I chose to be with so I'm greatly interested. But he said he wanted to date me again and now he's freaking out because I changed my Facebook status to in a relationship and now I don't know what to do. I don't want him to be pissed at me, but I want to give him his space since I'm causing him anxiety. What should I do? Should I trust that he wants to be with me? I'm going back and forth with the thought that he doesn't want to be with me... There's a lot more to the story though. He and I have terrible communication skills so I don't know how to fix it without smothering him.


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  • He should first sort things out then date you

    • That's what I'd been saying but he told me that he was fine to date me this time. So I don't know why he keeps freaking out.

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    • hm, interesting

    • Ha. Yeah. Just a little. Lol

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  • Some people have different definitions of the word date, which seems to be the problem here. You need to ask him where he thinks you two are right now. You need to talk this out

    • Yeah. I want to talk it out but I don't want to smother him... So I don't know how to fix it right now.

    • You have to talk to him even if you feel like you'll smother him

    • Ha. Okay. I'll ease my way back in. Thank you!

  • He's seeing someone else too...

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