Guys, is it normal for texting to decline as a relationship goes on?

Basically the boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and I noticed in the last month er so he doesn't really message me as much -- unless I message him first. Is that like a normal thing?


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  • Yeah, a lot of guys don't like texting that much. I really only use text to set up dates or see how a girl's going if I don't have the chance to see her. But a lot of the time I'm too busy for random text convos.

    • so should I like, stop texting him too?

    • If you're currently texting him more than he texts you then yeah, best thing is to give people as much as they give you. He may even miss texting you if you don't text his as much and then start texting you more frequently. If he asks why you don't text him, just say you didn't think he was into it given he didn't text you much.

    • I guess it bothers me way more than I thought. I mean it stopped so suddenly. he used message me asking how my day was, and say goodnight. But like I said it stopped so suddenly so I guess that's why it bothers me.

  • It's a delicate process. Before dating, you two have a special spark, a goal. To finally be gf/bf

    Once that goal was achieved, the goal is done. Most guys have no clue what to do from there. Before and after being in a relationship changes a man. He loves you, but it's a more mature process of texting... I don't know I'm just speaking on experience 😂😂

    • it bothers me how much the enthusiasm seems to drop in a relationship. in m experience anyways. I see other couples who can't seem to get enough of each other. it makes me kind of sad how every relationship I've tried pans out this way.

    • Same, same. It's kinda dropped in my relationship but that's for several reasons. As long as he shows you he really loves you, and makes you feel special, it's all good