How do you find out if someone has a gf/bf subtly?

My guy friend is struggling to come up with a way to find out subtly if a girl he likes has a boyfriend or not. Anyone have any suggestions or things they've tried?
He refuses to ask outright. We tried Facebook stalking too lol, that didn't help.



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  • Just flirt with her and then in the middle of it (if she didn't stop you and tell you yet) then ask her if she's talking with anyone. (I help my brothers with this all the time.) And if she does have a boyfriend. play it off cool and ask a nice question like 'oh do ik him' or 'how long have you guys been dating' lol. Hope this helps


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  • What worked for us is stalking someone's Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts. Instagram was one good way for us because it is basically a photo exhibit and bam! We found a picturesque photo of this boy we were stalking and his girlfriend. He was also being paranoid on Twitter and was tweeting a lot of romantic tweets to the said girl.

    To confirm in real life, we also spied on the said guy at the end of last period. We paced all pathways he also paced. We didn't try to be obvious so he probably didn't notice us. He eventually went to a swimming team practice and a girl was acting clingy around him and that was it-- it was his girlfriend.

  • Stalk them on FB lol or ask one of your friends to ask around

    • Good ideas, but already tried FB thing as it said in description, and the girl he wants to ask is one of his work mates, and he can't risk asking one of the other people he works with coz they won't keep their mouths shut.

    • Could he ask he to hang out outside work and see how she responds? If he finds out she has a boyfriend he could just say he only wanted to hang out as friends

    • That's a good idea!! I'll ask him :)

  • I stalk him and will find out on social media lol