The guy I am seeing doesn't own a car or license, and my friends & mom think he's using me & don't like that I have to drive to see him?

He moved here about a year ago from another country. He is 28. He bartends, stocks in a store, and is in a band, going to tour in a couple months for a couple weeks. He lives with a couple in their basement.

He he hasn't gotten his license and doesn't have a car bc he's trying to build his life here and that takes time. I haven't talked to him about that, it's just what I have gathered and I am in no place to judge what it would be like to start over in another country.
And learn their language.

However, my friends and mom are getting after me bc they don't like what they see. I always drive to see him (how else would I get there?) and he lives about a half hour away. I don't mind the drive. I enjoy seeing him. It's every few days, sometimes a week if our schedules conflict. Yesterday I picked him up and drove him to his tattoo appointment, was there with him, then drove him back before he had to meet with his brother and friends for a get together they were hosting. I didn't go bc it was a dude thing. My mom was turned off by this, said he used me for a ride... I honestly don't see it that way. I volunteered, he didn't ask, but of course maybe he was trying to ask when he texted me his ride is unavailable for the appt. I don't know.

It's really difficult to tell bc if I don't drive... There is no way for us to ever see each other. I don't get what the big deal is. It's the only time he has asked for a ride. Otherwise, I always drive to see him and spend time with him.


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  • Where does he live? Suburbs or city?

    And why can't he take public transportation?


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