What is my friend trying to do?

This guy that I know, he is Muslim and from Palestine. That didn't bother me at all. We've known each other forever, and he compliments me all the time! One day, he started calling me "Babe." Which was REALLY confusing. I took it, and then I hanged out with him in person yesterday. We were just chilling at the park, and he kept flirting with me. People started staring, but I just let them stare. Then I questioned about his religion. I asked why he can't date and why he can't drink alcohol.
Basically I was really curious on how his religion worked. I'm questioning my religion, and he knew that too.. He told me he can really date somebody he plans to marry.

I kept quiet. We were just walking, and he told me if we hanged out more. We could be in a relationship together. I literally just looked at him. In my mind, I thought "Is he trying to marry me?" LOL. My family is really open to who I date. It just can't be somebody who was like my ex. Absolutely rude, controlling, and psycho! Then towards the end of our hangout, we kept hugging nonstop. Then he wanted a kiss. I let one kiss slide with a peck. Then he kept wanting more and more. I started moving my head back because he tried to kiss me more. So I'm laughing, and he's like "One more hug!" But he tried to attempt to kiss me a lot of times. I did not let it happen.


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  • He just wants to get to know you better. Lol it's not a proposal I hope

  • i do not agree with the girl down there, not all muslim girls are conservative i am muslim and i know this, he might actually like you but he is the only one who can say, and i am just curious to why the hell is he even making out and it is ramadan not that it is any of my business but if he is a muslim he better know the consequences to taking such actions during this holy month

    • That's what got me too! I don't know much about Ramadan, and I don't even think it was right for me to kiss him. Thank you so much for your opinion. You can be as open as you want. He did try to make out with me, but I knew it was wrong.

    • indeed it was wrong especially at this time of the year , no problem always here to help :D

  • Okay, here's the thing:

    You are a smart girl for not letting it happen.

    A lot of guys from conservative cultures are restricted in terms of sexual activity because of the culture they come from.

    And then they sometime see white girls as 'easy' or someone they can have some fun with, because the girls of their own culture are so conservative they won't let them do anything.

    This guy is not going to marry you. He knows it, you know it, and he is probably just wanting to have some fun.

    Now I could be wrong. Maybe he does really like you.

    BUT unless you see strong evidence for this do NOT trust him.

    • Thank you so much! I also thought about this too when I was with him.
      I denied his kisses because I knew it was wrong on many levels.
      I'm not getting my hopes up because I know better.
      I'll let the chase begin, and I'll just be hard on him. He's a really good friend, but this has never happened before.