Do you break up with a man you love?

Regular fight me & my boyfriend of 2 years have. Last night i sent him a seductive photo. To surprise him, i think he will like the photo and respond back like dang! Instead he says nothing back. I send another photo. He says nothing back. This has happened before, i put myself out there & in return I get nothing back. I text him saying why didn't you say anything. he then yeah what u want me to say. I feel rejected. Which i know I am not, i am very confident woman and my body is something I take a lot of pride in. the one man you want to tell you your hot or your pretty hardly ever does it hurts. he is the only person that makes my heart stop when he tells me i am beautiful. I call him trying to talk about it. he says i am not into right now thats why i said nothing. I said i wasn't trying to start "something" I was just wanting your affection. I am as calm as can be just saying i love you why do you think i send you those its bc i want your affection your my everything. He in return says whatever I dont want to talk I need to go to bed. You dont want to talk? why we have verily talked all day bc you have been sleeping. I dont want to have a conversation with you, i want to go to bed. Ok well i am just trying to talk i am not upset with you. I dont want to talk to you he says. I say ok ill leave you alone. good and i am putting my phone on silence so you won't bother me, bc we know you will. I do call/text bc everything happens so abrupt and then now i am suppose to just say nothing and go to bed? I text him a big text and try to fall asleep after the man i love tells me he doesn't want to talk to me. I wake up and here is his good morning beautiful text. DO WHAT? he does this every time and then when he calls later if i try to talk to him about last night he will say that was yesterday today is a new day stop dragging it on. I believe love is a choice... i just dont know if i want to make that same choice tomorrow anymore. How can u leave a man u love?


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  • well i can definitely see why you were stung that he didn't respond. i mean a simple "damn that's hot" would suffice right?

    however, he said he didn't want to talk about it and you pressing the matter only incites more frustration on his side.

    are you considering breaking up with him because of this instance or is this an ongoing issue?

    i think at some point, not right after he does something that makes you feel a lack of affection, you should have a frank conversation about how you are feeling and what not. it sounds to me like he is not very verbally intimate or affectionate. many people are this way, especially guys. so if it's something you need (which is fair) then perhaps this relationship isn't for you. or perhaps he'd be willing to work on it

    • this has been going on and on. constantly. he isn't affection and i have tried talking to him million times that i need affection. he tells me he can't sometimes he tells me he will try but it never really changes.

    • well then perhaps you need to find a relationship where a guy is more verbally expressive regarding his feelings for you... which is very fair

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  • It sounds like it is heading towards a breakup. That sounds a lot like the end of my last relationship. I was still trying to make it work but he was not. It went on like that for awhile and eventually we were breaking up and getting back together and finally I think he started seeing someone else and I stopped trying to make it work and he did not stop me from leaving him. When it gets to this point it either takes some work or it ends. Both people have to make it work though and if he isn't willing to try it won't happen. The way I thought about it is that I could be unhappy with him for a long time or break up and be unhappy for awhile but move on and find someone better who treats me better. No one said breaking up and leaving someone you care about is easy, it isn't but it usually needs to happen. You never know, one day it might work out for you two, but for now find someone who appreciates you and is passionate towards you.

    • i agree. and yes it is toxic. i am just love struck i think and i am determined to make it work. I have men hit on me all the time begin me to give them a chance and i dont even think twice i am so dedicated to my relationship and making it work and i dont feel that from him. Its always pulling teeth to get him to work on us. He sees no problems he is totally happy. i think were headed to a break up unless he steps up.

    • Also, if anything he might break up first since he is the one that is checked out and acting this way. That is almost exactly what happened in my relationship. I don't know if I ever would have left him, but I knew it most likely had to happen. I am sorry, but you will get over it and move on. You are still young and have plenty of time to find someone that will never stop treating you what you are worth and deserve.

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  • Sounds like a toxic relationship.

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